Just a stones’ throw away of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Brugge, we created a hub for musical creativity. A place where you, as an artist or band, can arrive with no clear song in mind and leave with many.

Trying to write your first single or working on songs for that difficult second album? We’ll make you feel at ease, surrounded by an experienced team of people that will help you (and your close circle) hone the direction you want to take and let you create and record when the mood strikes you.

A creative team is always at your beck and call to create, record, produce, master and share. Whilst you keep writing in one studio, we start pre-production in another so to speak. In our cutting edge residential studio complex we offer the best technology has to offer and then some…
Everything is here to get you from song creation to finished product.

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Please reach out for a detailed listing of what is available in our studios.

In the evening you can wander the streets of Brugge, enjoy a meal in one of the many great restaurants the city has to offer and drink a (long) nightcap before heading back to your room at the studio. We’ll wake you up when we start working again ;)

Stationsstraat 17
8210 Loppem
+32 477 603 105

5 Minutes from the Brugge train station
1 Hour drive from Brussels airport
3 Hours drive from Paris
2,5 Hours by train from London
3 Hours drive from Amsterdam